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Clean Renewable Technology Pyrolysis Units

Clean Renewable Technology Pyrolysis Units

Clean Renewable Technologies Pty. Ltd. licences scalable Hydrogen production Systems which will deliver compressed Hydrogen and Biochar.

• This New advanced Technology licenced is for the processing of Sustainable Biomass waste to Hydrogen, BioChar or sustainable Power generation.

• The (Clean Renewable Technology Pyrolysis Units ) CPU, referenced herein uses the process of Pyrolysis, to convert sustainable waste materials into syngas (or aka: hydrogen rich product gas or pyrolysis gas) and carbon Biochar.

The syngas can be utilized:

To fuel a thermal oxidizer toward production of steam, for heat or for combined heat and electricity-power:

To fuel an internal combustion technology (e.g. combustion turbine) toward production of combined heat and electricity-power:

The hydrogen rich syngas can be further processed to recover the hydrogen and the other gasses can be used in energy generating applications:

The co-produced Bio Char (or BioChar if feedstock is Sustainable biomass) can be sold and utilized for various industrial or agricultural applications, depending on the feedstock.

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